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​Our Lady of Mount Carmel
​Community of The Sacred Heart

​The Sacred Heart OCDS Community in Frederick, MD has been blessed by its close association with the OCD Friars in Washington DC. At the direction of Fr. Albert Tittinger (former Provincial Delegate), our community was co-founded by Peggy Wilkinson and Maureen Jennings, who together with Lynn Aminzadeh and several other professed members from OCDS communities in the Washington DC area established an OCDS study group in Frederick with monthly conferences from the Friars beginning with the first meeting on September 15, 1991 at which 10 individuals entered aspirancy. With guidance from Fr. Ted Centala (Provincial Delegate), and Br. Bryan Paquette (Spiritual Assistant), during these early years, the community grew steadily. Additional important inspiration and guidance was provided from conferences and annual retreats offered by the OCD Friars: Frs. Albert Tittinger, Kieran Kavanaugh, Bruno Cocuzzi, Kevin Culligan, John Michael Payne, Matthias Montgomery, Salvatore Sciurba, Anthony Haglof, Marc Foley, Thomas Otang’a, Russell Raj, John Sullivan, Regis Jordan (current Provincial Delegate), and Salvatore Sciurba (current Spiritual Assistant).

“I would never want any prayer that would not make the virtues grow within me." -St. Teresa of Avila
A comprehensive formation program was develoed initially by Formation Director Peggy Wilkinson at St. Joseph's OCDS Community. The same program and syllabus have been employed since the very beginning of the Sacred Heart Community by a team of community-formed OCDS members with occasional updates and new modules based upon the new OCDS Constitutions and Provincial Statutes, Church documents, and selected articles from the Carmel Clarion. Based upon this comprehensive formation program, demonstrated community growth and Carmelite zeal, permission from the Archbishop of Baltimore, and OCD Provincial Delegate recommendation, the Sacred Heart Community was canonically approved by the Vatican in March 1999.

The Sacred Heart Community consisted of 52 members on the 10 year anniversary of its founding in 2001. In 2004 a group of 10 professed members formed a new OCDS Community in Hagerstown, MD. During the next 10 years, the Sacred Heart Community grew to 83 members in 2009 and 115 members in 2011. In 2012 permission was granted for 20 professed members to establish yet another new OCDS Community in Westminster, MD. Each community has continued to be blessed by following the same Carmelite formation program and our respective communities continue to keep in touch by participating in the same annual retreats and days of recollection. You are invited to visit us during our community meetings which take place on third Sundays from 1-5pm in the cafeteria of St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Frederick, MD.

​To obtain further information or to visit our community, attend our annual retreat and/or participate in our days of recollection, please contact the Frederick OCDS Council via email .

Annual OCDS Community Retreat, July 2010